Storage Stuffer Pillows - Standard sizes

A must have for bag lovers. Pamper your bags with this soft pillow!

Rectangular SMALL stuffer in Chanel Classic Flap Jumbo size

If coated canvas and leather bags are folded for long period of time, un-slightly fold lines will appear. Store your precious bags stuffed and they will retain their structure and smooth surface.

Rectangular LARGE stuffer in LV Delightful PM

Hand-made with quilted fabric and stuffed with 100% high quality polyester

Rounded Small stuffer in LV Speedy 25

Come in 2 shapes : Rectangular and Rounded
And 3 sizes : Small, Medium and Large

Small - S$ 18
Medium - S$ 20
Large - S$ 22

Rounded Stuffers (Cylindania Shape)

Rectangular Stuffers (Cuboid Shape)


Rectangular MEDIUM stuffer in GUCCI Medium Tote

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